SHFiguarts Wild Tiger -Movie Edition-

The positive experience I had with my earlier SHFiguarts product made me confident enough to purchase a more recent release.

I had not bought many figures from the Tiger & Bunny anime and was determined to add more to my collection. Personally, few other character deserves my attention more than Wild Tiger as he has the SHFiguarts logo splashed on his right shoulder!


The box is somewhat similar to that of previous SH products, but it seems to have darker colors much like what was used for Lunatic’s box.

I was really excited to get this because I tremendously enjoyed the Tiger & Bunny -The Beginning- movie. Some of the scenes of the movie are reflected on the back of the box.


I cannot begin to express the disappointment I felt when I pulled the figure out of the box. The streamline design of the character gave the figure a dull and stiff appearance, making it most unattractive at first.

My opinion soon changed when I started to pose the figure, and discovered that there are many points of articulation which allowed for dynamic displays.


It can recreate many epic scenes form the movie! I also tried other random poses just for fun.

This set comes with more alternate hand parts than the original release, but Bandai did not include the “Good Luck Mode” version of his arm for this set.


Re-creating the “Wild Shoot” ability is pretty simple. Start by dislodging the side armor from the arm, attach the extra piece in, change the hand part to the gripping version, and put it all back together.


As always, a custom Tamashii Stage comes with the figure to allow for a wider range of poses. Unlike the original SHFiguarts version, this one has the movie title on it!

I have never changed my opinion on a figure so quickly. I went from hating it to liking it after playing around with it and preparing this review. Do recommend this, especially for those who did not get the TV anime version of it. Thanks for reading.


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